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Birthstone jewelry dates back to ancient times when gladiators wore their birthstone to give them strength and protect them. Through the years, there have been many birthstone charts designating which stones were good for which birth month. Still today, there are many birthstone charts. Finding your birthstone and wearing birthstone jewelry gives you a sense of alignment with the universe. Giving someone a special gift of birth month jewelry and being able to vocalize the extra meaning behind that gift is in deed, a gift of love. Read more about birth monthjewelry!



What is My Birthstone?

It wasn’t until 1912 that the Jewelers of America came together and agreed upon a set list of birthstones. Until this time jewelers had each designed their own lists of birthstone jewelry creating mass confusion among wearers. The birthstones had been organized into dozens of different categories for many different reasons. Some assigned birthstones based on mythical history which reflects ancient Tibetan culture from thousands of years ago. Others thought the birthstone should be assigned based on Biblical meaning, with each month’s birthstone representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Some even thought that the birthstones had medicinal effects and tried to assign birthstones according to ancient Indian culture’s healing properties of each gem. So, in 1912 when the Jewelers of American developed the set list of birthstones, they made sure the historical myths and lore behind each gem was not forgotten. Although they had created a completely new list of birthstones, each gem is still recognized for its ancient properties and alleged powers.

Shop Birthstone Jewelry by Month

To make it easier to find the perfect piece of birth month jewelry that is right for you, we have organized every piece of gemstone jewelry into birth month jewelry collections. Use our shop by month feature to help you browse our collections of birthday jewelry, sorted by birth month.

January Birth Month jewelry -The January birthstone is the garnet. This stunning red gem is thought to represent friendship and undying loyalty. When worn, the wearer is ensured good health and protection during travel and exploration.

February Birth month jewelry - The February birthstone is amethyst. This sobering gemstone comes in a deep purple color representing the purple grapes used in wine and is said to prevent drunkenness when worn. Wearing amethyst birth month jewelry is also believed to bring the wearer peace of mind and free them of any worries.

March Birthstone Jewelry - March’s birthstone is the crisp and cool aquamarine gemstone. This gemstone is loved for its optimistic qualities and inspires youthfulness and hope. The cool blue color of the gem makes this a popular gemstone for sea travelers and is said to aid in keeping the wearer healthy and free from sea-sickness

April Birth month jewelry - April’s sparkling birthstone is the diamond. Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, but also an aid to those born in the month of April. It is believed that the April birthstone represents love and power and helps the wearer bring out their best qualities in times of need.

May Birth Month jewelry - May’s birthstone is the green emerald: The vivid green of this precious gem is symbolic for new growth and life. Wearing May birth month jewelry is said to help sharpen the mind can even help some predict the future.

June Birth Month jewelry - June’s classic birthstone is the pearl. This elegant birthstone is noted for its qualities of modesty and purity and is said to be made from the goddess Aphrodite’s tears of joy.

July Birth Month jewelry - July’s beautiful birthstone is the ruby: Wearing this sizzling gem brings the wearer passion, fortune and love. It is also believed that by wearing Ruby jewelry you will be protected from unfriendly forces around you.

August Birth Month jewelry - The August birthstone is peridot: This bright little gem is thought to bring friendship and keeps the wearer free from envious thoughts. It is also believed that wearing peridot birth month jewelry helps attain divine inspiration as well as enhance the effects of medicine when sick.

September Birthstone Jewelry - September’s birthstone is the sapphire. This romantic blue colored birthstone helps to relax and clear the mind from stressful thoughts and emotions. Wearing sapphire birth month jewelry is also said to help protect its owner from fraud and envious thoughts.

October Birthstone Jewelry - Octobers sparkling birthstone is the opal. Although the colorful design of an opal gemstone is nothing short of complicated, this frazzled gem is said to help October babies sharpen their mind and emotions while raising their confidence.

November Birth month jewelry -November’s birthstone is the icy-blue topaz. Wearing topaz jewelry of any color is said to cure many diseases, but blue topaz is especially noted for its powers regarding fidelity and love.

December Birth month jewelry - December’s vivid birthstone is Tanzanite. Because tanzanite was not discovered in Tanzania until 1967, it is the only gemstone that is free from any sort of mythological significance. Tanzanite was added to the official birthstones list after its discovery during a revision by the Jewelers of America.

Since 1912 more gemstones have both been discovered and become more appreciated so they have been added to the official birthstone list as a secondary birthstone. For example, people born in the month of December can now choose between tanzanite and turquoise jewelry to represent their birth month.