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Jewelry Care

Please remember that you have purchased fine jewelry that should be treated with care. PRECIOUS gemstones and PRECIOUS metals are named precious for a reason. Here are some useful handling and care tips for your jewelry:

The two most common causes for repair to jewelry:


- Never sleep while wearing your fine jewelry. Sleeping with your jewelry on is the number one cause of loosing gemstones, as you tend to not notice when "prongs" get snagged on sheets and clothing. Then you tug and tug on the sheet, which bends the prong(s) allowing movement of the gemstone(s). It doesn’t take much to bend prongs enough to allow a gemstone to fall out of the setting.


- Do not wear your jewelry while cleaning anything. Most cleaning products containing chlorine / bleach and will dissolve some of the precious metals used to create the very prongs that hold your gemstone(s) in their setting(s). It is also not recommended that you not spend in a chlorinated pool while you are wearing your jewelry. This deterioration can occur fast or slowly over time making it virtually undetectable until it is to late!
Like a car, good maintenance and care of your jewelry and it will bring you a life time of happiness. Cleaning your jewelry using an ultrasonic cleaner or a steam cleaner is the easiest way to properly care for your collection. You can purchase a professional type jewelry cleaner in our store.

General Jewelry Care and Cleaning


  • Diamonds are known for being the hardest material on earth. Diamonds are often thought to be unbreakable. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Diamonds are often found cracked and even shattered. If you hit diamonds just the right way and hard enough, they WILL crack or shatter.
  • Do not wear diamond jewelry when you are doing rough work.
  • Do not let your diamond jewelry come in contact with bleach or chemicals, they can dis-color the mounting.
  • Clean by lightly brushing it in a bowl of lukewarm sudsy water. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat dry with a soft lint free cloth.
  • Store your diamond jewelry separately as it can scratch other items.


Since ancient times, the Pearl has been the symbol of purity and love. Still today, Pearl jewelry is in fashion and can be worn for all occasions. Certain precautions should be taken to protect your Pearl jewelry.

  • Avoid contact with colognes, perfumes, hair spray, bleach, cleaning products and chemicals, put them on after applying cosmetics. These substances may damage the luster of the pearls in your jewelry.
  • Do not wear pearl jewelry while bathing, washing or cleaning.
  • Do not wear Pearl jewelry together with chains or faceted stones as they may cause minute scratches to the surface of your Pearls.
  • Keep them in their own bag or box, away from your other jewelry in a soft pouch.
  • Use only a clean, soft, dry cloth to wipe the pearls clean after wearing them.
  • Your local jeweler should restring pearl jewelry once a year. Ordinary wear and air pollution weaken the threads on which they are strung.

Colored Gemstones:

  • Wipe with a clean soft cloth after wearing.
  • Store in a soft pouch when not wearing.
  • Do not expose to salt water, chemicals, bleach, perfumes, hairspray, perspiration, detergents or sudden temperature changes. These may slowly erode the finish and polish of the gemstones and cause the jewelry to dull.

Opals, Emeralds and Tanzanite:

  • These stones require more care than other gemstones because of their specific traits.
  • Clean only with a clean soft cloth and lukewarm water. Never use hot water or detergents.
  • Store individually in cotton when not wearing, never in plastic or together with other jewelry.
  • Never wear opal jewelry in extremely cold weather, while cleaning, washing or handling cold or frozen items. Extreme temperature changes may cause opals to crack.
  • Emeralds contain certain oils that provide them with their beautiful deep green luster. Particular must be taken with Emerald jewelry to ensure that you do NOT remove these oils by bringing them in contact with ANY chemicals or cleaning agents.


  • The best method for cleaning gold is a jeweler's polishing cloth. Available at most retail stores including K Mart and WalMart, for less than $10.00.
  • Also, warm water and dish soap is good when used with a SOFT bristle toothbrush! Let the item soak for about 15 minutes in lukewarm water, and then GENTLY scrub.
  • You can also have your gold polished and your gemstone jewelry steam cleaned at most jewelers for a nominal fee.

With proper care fine jewelry will last a lifetime.