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January Birthstone Guide

Garnet Birthstone

natural orange red oval cut garnet gemstone image
red orange fancy cut natural garnet gemstone image
genuine trillion cut red orange garnet gemstone image

Oval Garnet Gemstone

Fancy Cut Garnet Gemstone

Trillion Garnet Gemstone

Pronunciation: GAR-NET

Commonly thought of as rusty-red, the Garnet comes in 29 different varieties! Some of the more popular names of Garnet are Spessartite, Rhodolite , Demantoid, Mozambique, Pyrope and Tsavorite. Each of these varieties of Garnet makes exquisite jewelry, and has wonderful color and brilliance.


natural redish pink Rhodolite gemstone image
bright orange fancy pear cut natural spessartite gemstone image
vibrant green oval cut natural tsavorite gemstone image

Rhodolite Trillion Cut

Spessartite Pear Cut

Oval Tsavorite Gemstone

The Garnet is the anniversary gemstone for the 2nd year of marriage. And Garnet pendants, Garnet rings, or Garnet earrings make exceptional gifts all year round. Commonly known as the January birthstone, Garnets are linked to Capricorns and Aquarians.

Garnet Gemstone Variations

Garnet Gemstone Variations Image

Garnet History/Lore

Going back over 5,000 years to the Bronze Age, the jewel we call Garnet has a remarkably rich story about it. These Garnet jewels are the only gemstones believed to contain protective and destructive powers. Crusaders from the Middle Ages set these gemstones of Garnet into their armor, believing they would be protected from all evil. And in some Asian cultures, Garnets were added to bullets, believing it would add destructive power to the bullet. Biblical mythology says when God's wrath clouded the earth with endless storms during the great flood, a radiant red Garnet guided Noah and his ark to safety.


Garnets are a realm of minerals all having the same essential crystal structure, but they do vary in chemical composition and physical properties. Second to the Quartz family, the Garnet family is the most diverse of all gem mineral families. Garnets very rarely are found in nature with their compositions precisely matching their ideal; a natural Garnets composition usually falls somewhere between the pure ideals of other Garnet members.

Care and Cleaning

The best way to clean Garnet gemstones is with soapy water. Steam cleaners will work great with these gemstones, as will ultrasonic cleaners.

Garnet Fame

Because antiquity Garnet jewels have always been famous for their inner glow and vibrance, the crown of the German emperor Otto ( from 912 A.D. -973 A.D.) was decorated with the most famous Garnet of all, known as the "Wise One". So get wise! Get yourself a nice Garnet bracelet, or Garnet earrings!

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