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Hoop Earrings Guide

Some of the oldest recorded findings of earrings date back to about 2500 B.C. and among those significant finds were the hoop style earring. And, this style has survived the test of time. Even when the whole trend of wearing earrings lay dormant for a while, silver and gold hoop earrings always emerged from hibernation with new and more dazzling styles.

Hoop Earrings

Not that anyone needed to look to Hollywood to see that hoop earrings were still stylish, but it certainly helps the trend when big hoop earrings and diamond hoop earrings are strutting down the red carpet. But, celebs don’t reserve the dramatic look for evening. Many, like Hilary Duff and Beyoncé, are seen wearing big sunglasses and hoops with bathing suits and gym wear. Eva Longoria loves to wear the largest hoop earrings she can find and it works with her petite frame and luscious locks. Some celebs and pop icons, like Lady Gaga and Pink, are even reviving the 80s trend of plastic hoop earrings in a variety of colors and designs. Regardless of which style you sure, you can rest assured that you've chosen a design that will stay in style for years to come

Hoop earrings -- Filling in the hoop earrings

Some styles take the basic hoop and really jazz it up. While the traditional style is a simple hoop of various sizes and widths, some are embellished and are even used as a frame for other designs. Inside big hoop earrings, there is a lot of space to work with. Fashion jewelry designers are filling it this space with filigreed designs, a curtain of gold tassels and dangling charms and gemstones. They leave just enough opening somewhere inside for it to still be called a hoop. Diamond hoop earrings are another way to dress up the basic style. It can be encrusted with lots of tiny diamonds or hold a row of several larger diamonds. This style is a great gift for any special occasion because diamonds are always a good idea. Another way the actual hoop frame is embellished is by wrapping it or twisting it for a rope effect. Double and triple hoops are also a different take on the classic style. Charms can also be dangled off the bottom of the hoop to give even more length and texture.

Hoop earrings -- Different types of clasps

  • Hollow-sleeve closure -
  • This is typically used on the thin big hoop earrings that create a full circle. One end is hollow and the other end has a thin post attached to it. The post slides into the hollow sleeve and tension between the two are what keep the earring closed.

  • Snap-hinged closure -
  • Some snap over and some snap under. The one that snap from the top have a thin post on a hinge that threads through the hole. On the other side is a Y-shaped piece that the post snaps down in to. For under snap closures, the post comes from inside the circle and pushes up into a snap that is part of the hoop.

  • Post -
  • This style is used on hoops that are not complete circles. It fits just like another post and uses a back to hold it in place. For heavy hoops, special backs may be necessary to prevent pulling.

  • Hidden Clasp -
  • These clasps give the appearance of no clasp at all. The hoop extends above the clasp and sits flush with the ear, hiding the clasping mechanism. This closure is a hinged snap mechanism.

  • Hook -
  • Some silver and gold hoop earrings are also dangles. For these, a wire hook is usually the backing.

    Hoop earrings -- Sizes and weights

    Gold and silver hoop earrings come in a variety of sizes. There is a graduation from about 18mm all the way up to 110mm in size and every fathomable size in between. This gives the girl with multiple piercings an opportunity to really show her love for hoop earrings. Starting with big hoop earrings in the main piercing, she can then add a smaller, then even smaller and finally the smallest size in her last piercing. Most styles are hollow because of their size so this makes them light weight and less stressful on the ear lobe and piercing. Men typically wear a fairly small sized hoop- one that barely drops below the lobe. They tend to prefer a more understated look, unless they’re wearing diamonds! But women, oh no, many love for their hoops to swing and sway with the wind. Give them the 110mm in silver; they want everyone to see them. While the smallest hoop size may fit baby, it’s not a great idea to put them in until baby is comfortable wearing something in her ears. Otherwise, she could easily pull it out and tear her tender ear. There’s just something about hoop earrings. They are fun, flirty and fabulous. Their versatility also allows them to be soft and conservative when necessary. Whether you want gold hoop earrings to hug the earlobe or diamond encrusted dangles to wow your friends, investing in hoop style earrings is a great idea. They have shown that they are a timeless trend.