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Gold Earrings Guide

The popularity of gold Earrings

People have long had a love affair with gold. In ancient times, it was revered as a symbol of the sun which was worshiped in ancient civilizations. For thousands of years, men and women have been adorning themselves in pieces made of gold like gold dangle earrings, necklaces, bracelets and they even adorned their battle gear and religious objects with gold. This is one of the most valuable metals and it is coveted and adored by pretty much everybody. Because of its value, giving or receiving gold chandelier earrings or other style is a big deal. Gold is a precious metal and a gift of gold earrings says that the recipient is special and valued as well. Gold is always a great way to commemorate a special occasion. Itís no accident that it is used to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary, a milestone all couples hope to achieve.

Gold earrings -- The difference in karats

Gold earrings come in different karat weights. One pair of gold drop earrings has a 14K stamped on them and another pair has 18K stamped on them. So, what is the difference? Gold comes in 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K and as the number gets higher the deeper the color and softer the metal. The reason for this is that there are varying degrees of gold content- 24K being pure gold. The lower numbers are a mix of gold and other metals like copper or zinc. The reason gold is mixed with other metals is that pure gold is very soft which makes it impractical for making jewelry like gold hoop earrings. A style like that is susceptible to bending and denting so a 10K or 14K gold is best. Of course, the higher the karat means that it is a more expensive the piece because there is more gold present. More than buttery yellow While yellow gold is the most popular and classic color, there are other colors too. Yellow gold comes in different shades depending on the gold content. 10K tends to be a pale yellow while 14K gold is the most desired shiny yellow color. 18K is a deeper shade that seems to have a more orange tint and then of course 24K is pure deep gold. In Asia and Europe, people tend to like the darker shades of 18K but in the U.S., the lighter brighter shades of 10k and 14K are more popular. Because sometimes the color silver goes better with an outfit, white gold earrings add just the right touch and still give the off the allure and luxuriousness of gold. This white color is achieved by adding nickel and zinc to the gold when it is melted down. Pink gold is also a color available in gold earrings and has copper as an additive to give it this rosy shade.

Traditional and contemporary styles

So many styles, classic and contemporary, are available in gold earrings so there is something for everyone- young or old, flirty or conservative and even for men or women. Classic styles include a simple button and, of course, gold hoop earrings. As the times change, the hoops get smaller or bigger, but they always remain a staple in any jewelry box. Another classic style is the drop which is a great look for a more conservative lady or for a work wardrobe. But, from the times of Cleopatra, women have also been wearing daring and dazzling earrings made of gold. No simple studs for her, she wore style like the long gold chandelier earrings which dangled and moved with her. The latest trend is gold threader earrings, which truly offer a woman a very unique look. These are slender chains that thread through the pierced ear and it dangles front and back. The front portion may have a charm or some other decoration or it may just be a simple gold chain. There is versatility with this style as well. For multiple piercings, the earring can be threaded though each hole creating a draped look in the front. Add a light charm to further personalize the look.

Cleaning gold earrings

Cleaning gold earrings is easy. A little warm soapy water and a quick scrub with a soft brush should be sufficient to get in the nooks and crannies of intricate designs. For plain gold earrings, soak and then polish with a soft cloth to remove the oils and dirt. Be careful cleaning 18K pieces as they are fairly soft and can be easily scratched or bent. For solid gold earrings that are smooth, professional buffing can get the scratches out. Gold can also be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners as well as steam cleaners. From Cleo to the disco divas of the 70s to the technology babes of the new millennium, women have always loved the feel of cool gold against their skin. In any style, a pair of gold earrings is a classic gift that will make her feel special, valued and luxurious. There is no denying the allure of gold!