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Gift Box Information

Gift Boxes --The surprise inside

Since ancient times, people have given gifts in special wrappings or boxes. To start out, maybe leaves or parchment were used as well as other organic items, but in the 18th and 19th century, tissue and decorative wrapping paper came about. For items like jewelry, something more substantial had to accompany any wrapping paper which led to gift boxes or bags.

The mystery and anticipation is essential to the whole gift-giving process- "What's in the box?" Jewelry gift boxes are even better because everyone likes to get a gift wrapped in a tiny box. She just knows it's something special! The act of unveiling a special gift is part of the excitement and what makes giving a gift so much fun for the giver as well as the receiver. Gift boxes are just one way to package an engagement ring, an anniversary necklace or even a Mother's Day birthstone earring and necklace set.

Necklace Jewelry Box-- Presentation is everything

Finding the perfect piece of jewelry to give may be the hard part, but the work doesn't stop there. Now, it's time to choose the perfect gift box. Presentation is almost as important as the gift itself, particularly when it is for something as special as jewelry. Unless you are planning on dropping the engagement ring into a champagne glass or letting a teddy bear wear her diamond necklace, gift boxes come in all shapes, sizes and colors to make the right statement.

Gift Boxes -- Elegant presentation

Traditional jewelry gift boxes are either square or rectangular, depending on the piece. The materials can vary from leather, velveteen and even wooden boxes. The interior of these elegant boxes is typically covered in satin with some cushion for holding rings in place or velveteen cover to gently hold bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Jewelry gift boxes that hold sets are equipped with separate areas to hold each piece so they don't get jumbled up.

Colors are also a way to personalize an elegant gift. Black, purple, red, white and royal blue are popular colors used in gift boxes. Choose a color that fits the personality of the gift. A lavender leather ring gift box perfectly accents an amethyst ring. Opt for a mahogany wood bracelet box for giving the classic tennis bracelet. It could also be used for a bracelet style watch.

For a little misdirection (because little gift boxes are a dead giveaway), put a necklace jewelry box inside a gift bag. A simple satin ribbon puts the finishing touches on every gift and gives it a look of simple sophistication.

Earring, necklace or ring gift box -- A little quirky and fun

While gift boxes come in velveteen, wood and leather, they also come in different shapes. The traditional is the elegant square or rectangular boxes described above, but some occasions call for a little more levity or romance. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to give that special girl a ruby ring. Why not present it to her in a red heart-shaped ring gift box ? Another fun and different style is a SWAK, sealed with a kiss, ring gift box. This is a quirky presentation for the girl or the guy who refuses to be boxed in. A box in the shape of big red sexy lips is a fun surprise for anyone who gets to open it.

Ring, necklace or earring box -- Beautiful and portable storage

Jewelry gift boxes are not simply for wrapping. Once the gift has been opened, these quality gift boxes are great ways to take favorite pieces of jewelry on trips or to just store the pieces. Because each special piece has a box or compartment in the box, it is protected from scratching, getting tangled or other damage. For smaller pieces like an earring box , it keeps them together and helps prevent loss. Searching through a large multi-piece jewelry box for the other earring can be frustrating!

Whether they are used or not, most people tend to hang on to their jewelry gift boxes "just in case" and because they are too nice to throw away. This makes for a great recycling opportunity when a gift calls for a tiny box. Also, for pieces that are going to be handed down as an heirloom, having the velveteen ring gift box ready to store the piece and hand it to the next generation is convenient. Plus, it adds to the story if the original gift box is used to pass it down.

Put some thought into choosing the right gift presentation for jewelry. A diamond necklace or tennis bracelet, a sapphire ring, pearl earrings- these all look even more special when they are nestled in a cushion of satin or velvet. Add some ribbon and a personal gift card to complete the presentation. Let him or her know that great thought went into the process because, while jewelry is fabulous, it is the thought that counts the most.