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Gemstone And Diamond Earrings Guide

The diamond complements any stone -- Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst Diamond Earrings

Yes, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other gemstones look great on their own, but why settle for a single gemstone? Adding diamonds to gemstone earrings adds a brightness that only a diamond can achieve. It also adds an air of timeless elegance and sophistication. After all, the diamond is the most precious and coveted of all the gemstones. It is the symbol of enduring love and strength. When added to a colored gemstone, it makes an even stronger statement.

There are unlimited ways in which sapphire and diamond earrings or other gemstones can be combined. The sapphire can be the focal point with smaller diamonds accenting it or vice versa. Sapphire and diamond earrings can also be arranged in a cluster with all the stones the same size. A classic look is emerald-cut emerald diamond earrings. They have a bold green and then are bordered by diamonds. Of course, the stones can be round, square, pear or whatever shape for the center stone. Typically, the border stones are round.

Creating designs with the gemstones is also a popular look. Some are fun and whimsical while others may be more conservative or thoughtful. Opal and diamond earrings in the shape of a flower or a cross offer two very different looks depending on the occasion and the person. There is also a choice of metal color. For outfits that cry out for silver accessories, gemstone diamond earrings come in white gold, platinum and sterling silver. But, if the color of the day is gold, then the choices are practically unlimited. No matter what the stones are set in, they look fabulous!

Choosing stones -- Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald Diamond Earrings

If there are a lot of tiny stones forming a cluster, quality is less important. But, if there is one center stone, it needs to be clear and free of inclusions for good quality. The best color for diamonds and gemstones is clear, translucent color. Milky diamonds, rubies or emeralds are not good quality and don�t have the sparkle and shine of their quality counterparts. Unless a colored diamond is desired, colorless is the best color. Some can have a yellowish hue that devalues it and makes it look dirty. If a colored diamond is what you want, make sure to ask for champagne or whatever color is desired. They can make lovely accents to other colored gemstones as well as the colorless stones.

Giving gemstone and diamond earrings

Jewelry of any kind makes a special gift, but a gift like ruby diamond earrings is really special. Gemstones and diamonds are precious and valued. As a gift, it lets a person know they are also precious and valued. There are any number of occasions worthy of this type of gift. A birthday is an especially good time to give gemstone diamond earrings. Parents or a significant other can commemorate her February birthday with a pair of amethyst diamond earrings for a gift she will treasure and a memory she�ll always hold dear. Sweet sixteen birthdays, weddings and anniversaries also need special recognition. Wedding anniversaries all have a special gemstone designated as the official gift for that year. For example, the ruby belongs to the 15th anniversary. Give her a pair of dangle ruby diamond earrings for an extra special way to celebrate this milestone. Pearl diamond earrings in the shape of a cross are classic gifts for graduation or baptism. Of course, giving the gift itself makes it a special occasion so there�s no need to wait for an official holiday to come along if you have something to say. Gemstone diamond earrings are a perfect way to simply say �I love you.�

Cleaning and care

Diamonds by themselves are easy to care for and clean. It ranks a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness which makes it the most durable mineral in the world. Warm soapy water and a scrub with a brush, drop them in an ultrasonic cleaner or blast them with steam- any of these methods are fine for diamonds. However, when other gemstones are mixed in, cleaning becomes a little more complicated. Whether it is a ruby, pearl or sapphire and diamond earrings, the cleaning method is determined by the softest gemstone. Absolutely never put pearls in a cleaner! They can be polished with a soft cloth or special pearl cleaner, but that is all. To get the diamonds clean, carefully brush around the stone with a damp brush and then wipe dry. Opals are also very delicate and should never be soaked in anything. It is important to know about the other stones in gemstone diamond earrings so that they can be cleaned properly and safely. Gemstone diamond earrings offer an opportunity to have sparkle and shine with a splash of color. Whether they are worn for an elegant evening or every day, they illustrate classic style.