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Freshwater Pearls and Their Many Personalities

Freshwater Pearls: Why Round is Not Always Right

Did you know that freshwater pearls actually come in a bevy of interesting shapes? Thanks to the culturing process and Mother Nature, ladies can now enjoy this classic gem with a shape to fit their own unique personality and mood. Further, the reasonable price found in freshwater pearls allows ladies of all ages to enjoy this glowing treasure.

When you think of pearls, the classic round pearl necklace or timeless pearl earrings generally come to mind. These are the honored enduring gems that traditionalists always gravitate toward. However, this is also the color and shape that can bring many yawns to the young at heart and have them fleeing to something more…jazzy.

Well, the good news is that freshwater pearls come in a range of sizes and shapes from the classic round to slightly off-round for those ladies who like to play it safe but have a tight budget. Freshwater pearls also come in unique shapes like the teardrop and the flat sticks which can create more interesting and flattering styles of earrings and bracelets. Pebble shapes and baroque free forms would have to be the ultimate signature shapes to this type of culture pearl. What's so spectacular about these unusual shapes is that extra peaks and valleys of light are created by the ripples and crevices found on the freshwater pearl’s surface. When you wear jewelry made from these distinct shapes, people will wonder what you have on. There’s no denying that it's some type of pearl, as no other gem glows like this one.

Freshwater Pearls: There’s So Much More Than Just Pearly White

The world would be such a boring place without color…and fashion is no exception. While white will always be the quintessential classic, there’s so much more available now in freshwater pearls.

Color or lack of color in pearls, both freshwater and saltwater is all part of the general accepted process. It’s like putting a touch of mascara, lipstick or blush on to enhance your face.

All pearls harvested from the mollusk are beautiful…just like our fresh clean faces are. However, while the natural colors range from white to intense purple or even black, most of the pearls are slightly yellow or have dark spots. This is where the acceptable practice of bleaching comes in -- to brighten and whiten these organic gems.

Dying is also widely used in both saltwater and freshwater pearls. This allows us to have lovely colors like gray and bronze as well as cool hues like cranberry, green and teal. Pearl necklaces were never this fun during our great grandmother’s days. By this process of dying our pearls, we can now have glowing luster in any color that you can imagine. One thing to keep in mind though, we are still working with an organic gem…not plastic or glass. What this means is that many times in the dying process, when you expect a certain shade, your freshwater pearls may turn out to be another tone. That challenge of working with a genuine gem only creates more value to your pearl jewelry.

The last technique used for color enhancing your pearls is irradiation. This is the common practice used for achieving the dark peacock black and chocolate colors.

All of these processes are approved by the FDA and have been found to be both safe and stable allowing you to enjoy your fun freshwater pearls for years.

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry: A Fit for Your Personality

Now that you know there is more to pearls than round and white, let’s explore freshwater pearl jewelry to fit your personality.

Ladies who are more reserved and conservative will feel most at home in a classic white pearl strand or white pearl studs. If she likes to show off a bit of her flirty side, she might even like earrings that dangle. Colors that she will feel more at ease in would be white, soft pink and maybe the black.

Gals who like more trendy fashion will fall in love with freshwater pearl jewelry made with these new zippy colors like cranberry, chocolate, green and blue. Styles created with these colors still show off your girlie side (their pearls after all), but the fresh variety of hue makes wearing freshwater pearl jewelry more fun and exciting.

Now, if you’re just a jeans and tee shirt gal, you love your exercise wear or a sundress is generally considered "dressing it up for you", there’s still freshwater pearl jewelry to fit your lifestyle too. Simple earrings in either a dangle or a stud are always great to wear with casual clothing. There is nothing like showing off your feminine side while sporting a ponytail and being nestled in "comfy" clothes.