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Educate Yourself

We have always felt that an informed customer is more satisfied because he or she knows exactly what they bought and why they bought it. An informed customer also can recognize a great deal when they see it. This only makes our job easier, because we offer quality products at spectacular prices.

Here you will find several sections which describe in detail the in's and out's of jewelry, diamond grading, colored gemstone grading and even some pricing guidelines. Just click on one of the links on the left to take you to your first area of interest.

We hope that you take the time to read each of our guides and charts about jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. Feel free to bookmark each page and refer back to them when you are browsing items to purchase. Even if you are shopping with someone else and need to look something up, you are more than welcome to refer to our page or even ask us a question.

Need some answers that we did not think to provide? Please send us an email and we will promptly research your question and provide you the answer. We want to make sure you are totally informed consumer before making a purchase.

Diamond Grading

Learn about the Four C's of Diamond Grading, Color, Cut, Clarity and Color. Step by step instruction to improve your buying knowledge and understand what you are paying for. Her happiness depends on your knowledge of what you are buying her. Don't make a mistake, instead, make an informed decision based on your knowledge and your budget.

Gemstone Grading

Ever wonder why some gemstones are crystal clear and worth a lot less than others with inclusions? This is the perfect way to expand your buying power, by expanding your buying knowledge of colored gemstone grading. Understanding what should be expected of each grade for each different colored gemstone.

Ring Sizing Guide

Want to know if a ring can be sized? IF not, how come? Want to know some alternatives to sizing? Or trying to convert your European size to a U.S. size or vice versa? We have everything you need to know about the sizing of gemstone and diamond rings. Do you have her size, we can also suggest ways of guessing that !

Jewelry Glossary

All these big words, some spelled differently and but mean different things. The jewelry industry has been around for 1000's of years and the depth of funny words proves it. It is hard to know what all these funny terms me. We provide you with a comprehensive glossary to help you improve your buying ability. DON'T forget to book mark this page, you will need it later.

Jewelry Care

Everything you need to know on how to care for your Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamonds and other types of precious and semi precious gemstones and of course gold, silver and platinum jewelry.  Do's and Do NOTS are essential to keeping your jewelry as enjoyable tomorrow as it is today.

Karat vs. Carat

Karats and Carats are not for rabbits, instead they hold the secrets to what an item of jewelry is REALLY worth.  You should know the difference if you want to make a smart purchase that looks as good as it is suppose to. Make sure you can spot a scam. WE give you the in's and out's of what you'll need to know.