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Clip on earrings are a great way to expand your jewelry collection without making more holes in your ears. These earrings are a small trend in jewelry for those who do not want to pierce their ears or have torn or stretched their ear holes beyond use. You can find clip on earrings in many sizes, shapes and methodologies. Just because they are not pierced earrings, does not mean they don't come with all the fashion and design you desire. Manufacturers make about 25 pierced earring styles for every clip on earring style. We have tried to assemble a reasonable selection for you here.

Clip-On Tray

Marvelous Drop Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver - Mirror Polish - Unisex Adult
Marvelous Drop Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver - Mirror Polish - Unisex Adult
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Spectacular Hand Cuff Ear Cuffs in Silver - 925 Sterling - Polished Finish
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Clip On Earrings - A New Trend

Although earrings are an age-old fashion accessory, dating as far back as 2500 BCE, clip-on earrings are a relatively new phenomena, popularized in the early 1900s by Hollywood starlets and flappers. Ear piercing lost its popularity in the 1920s through the 1930s, and these earrings were all the fashion! Getting your ears pieced is a serious decision that not everyone wants to make, we understand. Dangly, heavy earrings stretch the ear lobe wretchedly, giving an old, tired look to the ears. As age bears down on us all, the least of our worries should be stretched out earlobes. Clip on earrings severely reduce ear stretching, earlobe tearing, inflamed bodily reactions to different earring metals like nickel. Here’s a little more to the back-story with clip on earrings.

The Earlier Years - Clip On Earrings

The earliest pair of earrings come out of royal graves in Iraq. Across the globe, there are millions of different cultures, traditions, beliefs, and independent minds who have an opinion about clip-on earrings and regular earrings. It’s not difficult to come to the conclusion that although many customs support the process of ear piercing and earring accessories, some do not. Earrings, throughout the ages, have gone in an out of style. In the early 20th century, Victorians sought to create an alternative to piercing, as ear piercing was believed to be barbaric and uncouth. Only vagrants and criminals got piercings, so the more ‘refined’ people of that age began to design a viable secondary option, clip-on earrings. Clip-on earrings were a hit! A Victorian favorite were the chandelier crystal clip-on earrings.

Due to this demand, clip-on earrings could be found everywhere. Every jeweler had them, they were on every corner. The best part was that clip-on earrings could be worn by everyone; they were available in so many varieties, styles, and color combinations that they were appropriate for any and all occasions. What people liked most about the clip-on earrings was that they now had ability to don fashionable, lovely clip-on earrings without enduring any of the pain endured by those courageous enough (or low class enough) to undergo the procedure. Due to the increased popularity of clip-on earrings, regular earrings went completely out of style. Clip-on earrings perfectly accentuated a short boyish haircut, a logical path for society’s fashion to take. Short, whimsical hairstyles and clip-on earrings were the fashion trend of the season.

The Later Years - Clip on Earrings

The popularity of clip-on earrings did not endure, the young adults and teenagers of the 1970s tended to opt for a nonconformist platform. Young men and women would often partake in piercings and tattoos for an extreme form of self-expression and clip-on earrings simply didn’t show a dedication to the ‘arts’. Today, most people who are seen wearing earrings have their ears pieced, but not all. Since 2000, ear gauging has become popular. Some people still maintain the tradition of keeping their earlobes ‘pure’, like older Italian families.

The Now - Clip on Earrings

Regardless, clip-on earrings are an excellent alternative to regular pieced earrings. Overall, they reduce stretching, wear and tear. It’s easier to wear various kinds of metals without irritation. Infection is easy to avoid, as well! Most important, any kind of procedure involving needles can be dangerous if the piecing tools are not properly maintained and sterilized. Always verify that your piercing is a professional and correctly sterilizing their equipment before receiving a piercing, if you do decide to have it done. You can completely reduce the risk of infection with clip-on earrings; however don’t be talked out of piercing. Make the choice that you feel most comfortable with.