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Diamond earrings should be a staple in every woman's collection, so having several pair is essential to good fashion. We carry a vast array of styles and carat weights to please every taste and budget. Diamond stud earrings can be worn with blue jeans or with that little black dress for a romantic dinner. All our diamond earrings are made of fine gold or silver and have genuine, natural diamonds set in them. So enjoy letting your mouse do the walking and your heart tell you what you like best.

Diamonds and Denim…Sweet!

Sweet 16

When it comes time for a girl’s Sweet 16, a special party is in order. It’s a great time to gather friends and family and celebrate the young woman she is becoming. It is an American coming-of-age ritual for girls. Whether you want to do a small event at home, or go all out in an elegant venue, or something in between, it is a time to create very special memories.

The Party

Every party needs a theme, right? A Sweet 16 is the perfect time for a Diamonds and Denim theme. Start off sending the right vibe with invitations that set the tone. Plain card stock can be covered with denim fabric and rhinestones can be glued on to the front in a 16 pattern. Many scrapbooking sections also have denim look-alike paper that could be used. Suggest that girls wear jeans, denim skirts, denim dresses, and or denim jackets and then get blinged out! They can wear “diamond” accessories for sure, but also create their own bling by decorating their denim with rhinestones. The birthday girl, of course, will need a rhinestone studded tiara to top off her look. If boys are coming too, dark jeans, and a white button down make the perfect backdrop for their diamond accessories.

Decorating is what really pulls a theme together. There really is no end to the possibilities here. Start with twinkling white lights and blue and silver balloons. The balloons can be held down with large diamond shaped paperweights. Crystal garland will really sparkle against the lights. For a really dazzling effect, you can rent or buy fancy LED projection lights. Table covers can be made from denim fabric or traditional plastic tables in blue could be used. Either can be decked out with rhinestones and scattered with faux jewels. Napkin rings can easily be made out of denim fabric. Or, the napkins themselves can be denim. In that case inexpensive napkin rings covered in rhinestones or silver glitter work well. The plastic wear, plates, and glasses can all be clear to represent crystal. Blue juices and clear sparkling sodas add to the look. White and blue flowers can make a nice center piece. For those a little craftier, start with jewelry boxes from all of the local and famous jewelry stores and get creative.

You may have heard of “loan tables” at big celebrity events. Create one for your diamond and denim party. Thrift stores often sell very inexpensive rhinestone pieces and most malls have a teen-centered cosmetic jewelry / accessory store that sells low cost items. Even kids’ jewelry can be used for this purpose. All the pieces can be laid out (black velvet table cover for effect) and guests can “sign out” pieces to borrow for the event. Of course these pieces can also be a party give-away. Other party favors could include homemade denim key chains with rhinestone 16s on them. Or you could have guests make their own favors with a denim and diamond craft station – blinged out purses and wallets anyone?

To get the party started burn a CD with songs like, “Diamond are a Girl’s Best Friend,” “Material Girl,” “Diamond and Pearls,” “Diamonds,” “Diamonds are Forever,” “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” “Diamonds and Rust,” “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,” “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes,” “In Those Jeans,” “Blue Jeans,” “Low,” “American Eagle’s Denim Song,” “In Those Jeans,” “Forever in Blue Jeans,” “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On,” “Venus in Blue Jeans,” and “Blue Jeans Blues.”

The Gift

With the party details all sorted out, there is only one more thing to think about for the party. That’s a special gift for that birthday girl. What could be a more perfect gift for a girl’s Sweet 16 than a pair of diamond earrings. Every girl remembers her first diamond! We have every kind of diamond earring you could imagine. You can shop from the categories of diamond stud earrings, diamond drop earrings, diamond flower earrings, diamond hoop earrings, diamond huggie earrings, and diamond cross earrings. There is a wide selection of both white and yellow gold pieces.

With almost 200 pairs to choose from, there is something for that special teenager in your life (and for yourself, as well). The diamond stripe huggie earrings in vermeil style sterling silver are among the most popular diamond earrings from GEMaffair. The diamond drop earrings in sterling silver with dangle Posts are also a best-selling item. For a girl’s first pair of diamond earrings, however, what could be more perfect than GEMaffair’s best-selling diamond stud earrings with a round ut in 10 karat yellow gold? Whatever you choose, a pair of diamond earrings is sure to be the right choice!