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Diamond Earrings Guide

Diamond earrings are forever

Deep in the earth, heat and pressure came together to create a rough diamond and then a volcanic eruption pushed it towards the surface. Now, it is ready to be polished into a shiny sparkling diamond and set into a ring or pair of diamond solitaire earrings.

Simple, classic and stylish Every girl loves to open a box to find shiny diamonds! There are so many styles of earrings that there is something for everyone. Some women like the classic understated look of diamond solitaire earrings. The traditional setting is pronged but for something different, a bezel setting offers a sleeker look. Other women love for their diamonds to really be noticed and they have a big fashion style. Diamond chandelier earrings or large diamond hoop earrings make a dramatic statement. Of course, these are not styles to wear to the office, but for a night out on the town or a formal evening event, they are perfect.

Gold, white gold, platinum and even sterling silver all set off a pair of diamond earrings quite nicely. Because they are available in gold and silver, she always has the choice to wear her diamonds no matter the wardrobe- white gold diamond hoop earrings with a slinky black dress or simple gold studs with her brown business suit. Diamonds to commemorate special occasions.

For an April birthday, diamond drop earrings would make a lovely birthstone gift. This precious gemstone is also the official gem commemorating the 60th wedding anniversary. A chandelier style may not be appropriate for this occasion, but simple diamond stud earrings are a perfect way to show her that the last 60 years have meant everything to you.

Though it is not the gemstone for other milestone anniversaries, diamond flower earrings can make a 10th or 25th anniversary special too. Really, any occasion that is special to someone and the sentiment is love, diamonds are a great way to say it. For instance, a wedding or a baptism is a perfect time to give diamond cross earrings as a symbol of faith and love.

Diamonds also make great heirlooms. It is common for a mother to pass down a pair of diamond solitaire earrings or some other design to her daughter, perhaps on her wedding day or in her will. Over the years, stories will be added to this special pair of earrings. Stories of love, commitment and forever teach generations of daughters the value of a relationship. What a wonderful opportunity to share the love story of great-grandparents as you pass along a token of their love. Your grandchildren may do the same when they pass them down to their children. Colors and shapes

The traditional diamond cut is round, but diamond solitaire earrings can come in a variety of other cuts like marquis, pear, emerald-cut and more. This way, the earrings can match the wedding ring. They can also be cut and then set to form a shape using several small stones. To form diamond flower earrings, pear cuts and rounds may be combined to get petals and the center.

While clear is the most common color, this precious gemstone comes in a variety of other hues. Champagne and chocolate are very popular for their beauty and unique shades. Canary yellow, pink and even blue diamonds are also available. It is simply a matter of taste and affordability. Because of the rarity of some colors, the cost can be more than even a perfect clear diamond. Caring for them

It is really quite easy to clean and care for diamond hoop earrings and other styles. Because the diamond is the hardest and most durable gemstone, maintenance is easy. A simple soak in warm soapy water, a shake in an ultrasonic cleaner or even a blast with the steam machine can all get the grime off of diamond earrings.

However, the gemstone is not all that dictates cleaning methods. Be careful with thin dangling pieces that might break if polished too hard and also for parts that might catch on the cloth. Gently scrub the diamond and the setting with a soft toothbrush to get in all the tiny spots.

Whether as a gift or a little something for yourself, diamond stud earrings are a classic accessory that can be worn with blue jeans or a satin gown. They never go out of style and they will last forever. They are the ultimate statement of love when given as a gift and by wearing them, the recipient returns the sentiment. That’s why diamonds are the stone of choice for engagement and wedding bands. The message is the same with diamond earrings - “This is forever and you are special.”

Every time you put them on, you will feel cherished and enveloped in the sentiment that they represent. There is nothing like a diamond!