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Cross Pendants Throughout History and Today

Cross Pendants of Early Importance

Wearing cross pendants as a symbol of one's faith is nothing new. In fact, throughout history, we see some noteworthy cross pendants that remain as special marks of time.

One such cross pendant is the Jerusalem Cross. It's believed that this pendant belonged to Godfrey de Bouillon who led the Christians to victory when he captured Jerusalem in 1099. This style of cross pendant is made with a large cross in the center and smaller crosses in the four corners. Its meaning is that God's word is spread throughout the four corners of the earth.

The "Warrior" was a famous cross pendant that belonged to the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. It’s been written that this jewel was crafted from gold and had a sapphire set in it to protect pieces of the True Cross and the crown of thorns.

Other notable cross pendants can be seen in the history books of Ireland. Celtic crosses date back to the time period when the Celts were converted to Catholicism. The existing druid symbol of the cross with the circle in the center then became known as a religious icon where the circle stood for God’s endless love.

Cross Pendants and Jewelry Today

Today, we see cross pendants being worn not only as symbols of the Christian faith, but also as fashion statements. Earlier styles of cross pendants were fashioned out of wood and leather. Now, we can see cross pendants made out of a variety of materials ranging from glass to fine metal. Sterling silver cross pendants are very popular not only because of the beauty and intrinsic value but also because of the reasonable cost. Gemstones of the Holy Bible is a unique cross pendant that actually includes the 12 foundations of Heaven as described in the scriptures.

Cross pendants also are made from hypo-allergenic materials such as surgical and stainless steel. This is wonderful for people of all ages who have sensitivity to the various metals that are alloyed with silver and even gold.

Gold cross pendants are among the most time honored. They come in a vast array of styles ranging from simple unadorned metal to fully embellished with gems and diamonds.

Cross Pendants and Tomorrow's Heirlooms

Some even share their hope for a new tomorrow in the form of a baby keepsake. By giving a cross pendant to the new arrival, the thought and sentiment behind it can be worn when the child grows. Cross pendants and rosaries are often the most treasured items in many estates – even more so than "grandmother’s pearls." That’s not necessarily because of the monetary value but because of the sentimental value. These treasures of cross pendants were personal symbols of that beloved's belief in life everlasting and it becomes a great comfort to those left behind to have that tangible item.