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Cross Pendants and Their Hidden Meanings

Cross Pendants with Stones

For many of the Christian faith, the cross pendants is the choice of personal adornment. There are many different types and styles of cross pendants ranging from simple polished styles to extremely embellished designs. One of the most popular is the style that has accents or focal points of diamond or precious stones.

Cross pendants are purchased not only as a self-gift, but also as a gift for others. Sometimes, the best way to add a touch of personalization is by selecting the birthstone or birthstone alternate. Birthstone styles can be seen covering the entire cross, used as a solitaire focal point and combined with diamonds.

Some people gravitate toward designs that are more embellished and traditional like diamond encrusted gold crosses. Still, others like the more unique styles like Gemstones of the Holy Bible. This is a collection of the 12 precious stones that are referred to in the book of Revelation where the foundations of Heaven are described. You can wear and interchange each of these stones inside the special silver cross pendants.

Cultured pearl is also a wonderful gem with special meaning that is used in cross pendant styles. One of the thoughts is that the gates of Heaven are made of 12 pearl. Another sentiment parallels Christ’s sacrifice for our new life like the mollusk sacrifices itself for the beautiful pearl.

Cross Pendants with Empty Designs

Protestant Christians tend to be seen more with wearing “empty” cross pendants. These styles can be plain and unadorned or shrouded. Both display the same sentiment which is that Christ died on the cross, was resurrected and now lives in Heaven looking after and giving new hope for believers.

Sometimes, empty styles of cross pendants are chosen for the idea that God's love is pure and simple. This style of unadorned metal is often very popular among males who tend to wear more reserved jewelry. Simple polished styles are also great for adding a special touch of personalization such as a special date, name or initials.

Empty designs of cross pendants can also be rather lavish when they’re embellished with etchings. Sometimes scrollwork is added to the piece creating images that are important to the culture as in the Celtic styles. Filigree is also a beautiful way to adorn an empty cross as the lacework look is throughout the metal either in an open or a solid form.

Cross Pendants with Western Style

The styles of cross pendants are infinite; however, one of the most recognizable designs is the traditional Western Cross. This style is characterized by its simple longer vertical bar and shorter horizontal bar that appears roughly one-third of the way down from the top. This is sometimes referred to as the Latin cross. This style is also referred to as the Chapel or Church Cross due to the floor plan of many Christian churches.

There's an immense variety of Western Crosses from the plain unadorned styles (both with and without the shroud) to the gemstone and diamond encrusted ones. Designs also include fish and filigree.

The Western Cross is among the most popular of the cross pendants due to variety of designs that are available. Men and women of all generations can enjoy this style as they share in their modest display of belief.