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Cross Pendant Styles of Significance

Empty Cross Pendants or Crucifixes

The earliest design of the cross pendant was the empty style. This was most often fashioned out of wood or stone and leather. The plain styles were generally used because during those days, low profile images such as simple cross pendants and fish were used to keep displays of the belief in Christianity “under wraps” so to speak. Today, this style of cross pendant is extremely popular among the protestant Christians who believe this to be a symbol of Christ dying on the cross, rising from the dead and living in Heaven watching over us to give us hope for our new life.

The crucifix was not used in the earlier cross pendants due to the image was so gruesome and painful as well as people didn’t want to attempt to depict the image of Christ. The earliest crucifixes appeared around the 7th century. Today, we see the crucifix style pendants worn more among the Catholic and Orthodox sects of Christianity as they believe the redeeming work of Christ is considered to be ongoing.

Unique Cross Pendants and Their Message

There are many types and varieties of styles of cross pendants both of the empty design and the crucifix. They can be fashioned from organic materials, glass, fine metals to any other number of things. Styles range from the classic western style to other designs that stand out with gemstones.

Some styles are a combination of simple silver cross pendant and gemstone additions. A unique piece of jewelry that incorporates this concept is Gemstones of the Holy Bible. This special collection has the cross pendant and the 12 gemstones found in Revelation which reveals the foundations of Heaven. This style can be cherished by all generations.

Another unique style is the Celtic cross. This is a combination of a fancy engraved design with a circle in the middle of the style. This cross pendant holds the meaning that the circle of life is complete with the holy trinity.

The Jerusalem cross is a unique design dating back to the days of the crusades. This style is characterized by the larger cross in the center and four smaller crosses. The message in this style is the gospel is spread throughout the four corners of the earth.

Fashionable Cross Pendants for Everyone

Today, wearing cross pendants has never been more popular and the variety never more vast. We see styles that are unadorned and extremely bejeweled. This style of jewelry can be enjoyed by all ages and for many different reasons.

Cross pendants often mark significant moments in a person’s life. Very often, they are among the first pieces of children’s jewelry to be worn. Simple gold or silver styles are often the preferred choices. Sometimes, a small birthstone or an engraved date can add personalization to this special jewel.

Most often, we see the cross pendant as a quiet statement of one’s faith. There are many styles to choose from that will reflect the personality of the wearer. More understated unadorned designs are the choice of reserved people while larger embellished styles are the choice for the more outspoken.