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Celebrating Style with Silver Rings

Silver is cool, sophisticated and elegant yet unassuming and simple at the same time. A bit of background on this precious metal Silver is a popular and plentiful precious metal that has been used to create silver wedding rings and other styles for centuries. It is found in a variety of places, but the majority of the world’s supply comes from North and South America. Mexico and Peru are the leading suppliers with a combined 32%. Other producing mines are found in Australia, China, Russia and a sprinkling of the European and Asian countries. When it is polished, it has a bright, reflective shine that is entrancing. But, pure or fine silver is very soft. This is good when it comes to making jewelry like silver pearl rings or earrings. To add strength to this metal, a silver alloy is created by mixing in another metal, typically copper. This is called sterling silver and it is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or other metal.

Silver rings: The value of silver

Pure silver, 99.999%, is actually the least expensive of the precious metals. While gold hovers between $900 and $1000 per gram, silver costs less than $20. This disparity in price works to the advantage of people who love silver rings and other pieces as they're able to infinitely expand their selection as new styles are born. Silver is also an excellent alternative to white gold or platinum, as it has the same white luster without the price tag. It will not break the bank to own several silver rings or toe rings.

Silver: Uses

Most of this sultry reflective metal is used for industrial purposes, such as in wiring, dental fillings, mirrors and other products. This is because silver is one of the best conductors of electricity found in the world. However, an estimated 1/3 of the supply goes towards making jewelry and fine tableware. Since man began making jewelry, silver has been there. It is very popular for its beauty, the ease of which fine pieces can be made and its amazing price.

Fun Fact: Another use is more of lore - silver is said to have magical qualities that ward off evil. Known as an apotropaism, this is the belief that certain items or rituals have occult powers. Common apotropes are silver bullets for werewolves, silver talisman or amulets for evil spirits and even the use of silver nails for coffin lids to ensure the dead rest peacefully. It's evident that silver has left an indelible mark on human history as only the most treasured items are given the power to quell our fears.

Silver Rings: Trends and Styles

Jewelry designers are doing some funky things with silver these days. But, some of the trendy styles are actually quite old. For instance, silver puzzle rings may be traced back to ancient Turkey as a test of fidelity if some stories are to be believed. Today, these interlocking bands form intricate designs and make for interesting accessories. There are styles for more than the fingers too. Silver toe rings are very popular because they are inexpensive, come in all kinds of styles and add a fun accessory to sandals.

Silver Claddagh rings are another old tradition that has renewed popularity in today’s jewelry industry. They first emerged in the late 1680’s. Legend tells of a young Irishman named, Richard Joyce, who had a knack for metal work. He fell in love with a young lady and she him, but they were ripped apart but unexpected circumstances. Mr. Joyce was forced into slavery. He toiled for years, yearning for his love, in the Algiers. Though an unfortunate twist of fate, it was this separation that inspired the claddagh's design. After several years of loyalty servitude, Joyce's master released him to freedom for teaching him his metallurgy skills. Joyce returned home to find his love still faithful and created the claddagh as a symbol of the strength of their love and loyalty to one another. While it is cast in gold, silver is the more traditional style, but either is given and worn as a symbol of love and loyalty.

With such a strong meaning behind the design, silver claddagh rings can also be used as silver wedding rings. But, for those who prefer plain or something with gemstones, those are available too. They make lovely and unique wedding sets for the bride and the groom. It is understated yet beautiful and particularly nice for men who don’t like to wear jewelry. It is not only elegant but also has a masculine appeal.

Silver rings are made into all kinds of designs and use gemstones as well as crystals and manufactured stones for added shine. Men and women both enjoy the beauty of silver rings as an accessory. Men may choose a silver Masonic, wedding, pinky ring or any other style.

Silver Rings: Cleaning and Storage

Even with the added metals to make it stronger, silver rings should be stored separately from other jewelry. A cloth jewelry bag or a divided compartment in a jewelry box should suffice. There are also special bags and boxes that are designed specifically for silver as they come with anti-tarnish agents and a unique structure. It is supposed to prevent air from getting to the pieces and tarnishing.

Silver wedding rings and other pieces are at risk of tarnishing, which is the oxidation of the metal when it reacts to the sulfur and hydrogen in the air. It is not actually the silver that reacts, but the added metal that does this. The end result is the slow discoloration of the piece until it is blackened. The added copper is also what typically causes an allergic reaction, not the silver. The same goes for gold. The added metal component usually causes the rash or breakout.

While many think that gold is king and is the only metal that matters, there are many that prefer the clean cool luster of silver. Sometimes gold just doesn’t go with an outfit. Stylish silver accessories add pop to casual as well as formal attire. Because it is more affordable, there can be a different look for every outfit. Quirky and fun, chic and modern - silver rings offer style to everyone.