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Bulova Watch Information

The History of Bulova Watches:

The Bulova tradition began in 1875 when Czechoslovakian immigrant, Joseph Bulova, opened his tiny jewelry store in New York City. In his little shop, he designed and made watches that suited his vision for excellence, and as their popularity grew, so did the company. By 1912, Bulova watches are so popular that Joseph opens manufacturing plants in Switzerland for the jeweled movements and other working parts. In 1919, Bulova offers a complete line of men's Bulova watches with jeweled movement and in 1924 he does the same for the ladies, adding Bulova diamond watches. Throughout his career, Joseph Bulova was a true pioneer in not just the watch-making business, but also in marketing. He was very aggressive in getting his name out to the public. In fact, in 1926, the Bulova Watch Company was the first in the US to air a commercial on the radio. The company, under the direction of Joseph Bulova's son, kept up with advancing means of advertising and also aired the first television commercial in 1941. Aside from these firsts, the company kept the public's attention by running contests and sponsoring the most popular radio shows and then television programs. While the name may bring to mind an elegant diamond-accented woman's Bulova watches or the bold designs of the men's collections, Joseph Bulova also worked closely with the military including NASA. His timing components and advances, like the Accutron, were so precise that he was commissioned to develop time pieces and timing devices for weaponry and aboard aircraft and rockets. Joseph died in 1935, but his family has continued his legacy of quality and precision in watch-making.

Bulova watches : The Accutron

This is the headliner for Bulova watches. In 1960, the company furthered its innovation by introducing the first electronically controlled timepiece which had been in development since the early 50s. Instead of springs and levers, a tiny tuning fork acts as the brain of the watch. As a result, there are fewer parts needed and its accuracy is phenomenal hence the name. So accurate, NASA had the technology installed in their computers. While all Bulova watches are made with the same care and quality, the Accutron is the most expensive with prices ranging from about $300 to $1,000 or more. Most of the styles are for men, but there are some lovely leather-banded ladies' styles that also incorporate diamonds like the Chamonix collection.

Bulova watches: Other styles

Many of the watch lines have a model for men and women, but some lines are exclusive to each gender. But, as would be expected of a company over 130 years old, there are many styles to choose from for both sexes. They also offer styles that are affordable to everyone. The Caravelle line of Bulova watches came about in 1962 and is the most affordable of the brand. But, the company does not sacrifice style and precision for affordability so everyone can have the accuracy of a Bulova. Men's and women's Bulova watches can be casual or dressy. Leather and stainless steel bands are popular but there are also styles such as Bulova gold watches that utilize 14K and 18K gold. Diamonds are also used to accent the face and women can opt for a diamond wrist-band.

Exclusively for women, there is the Bangle collection which offers bangle style bands for the woman who wants the look of a bracelet and the practicality of a watch. The Crystal collection comes in a box set with a bracelet style watch and a crystal pendant. A watch from any of these collections would make an elegant and memorable anniversary present for her.

For the men, collections like the Telluride are rugged and durable, ready to take on a hard day's work or play in style. For the business man who wants to make a bold statement and never miss a meeting, the Eagle's Pilot Accutron makes a great gift.

Caring for Bulova watches:

One of the great things about this brand is that the parts are interchangeable no matter what model. This makes repair work easier for a jeweler because the parts are not going to be hard to find. For repair work, it is best to take it to a certified Bulova watch repairman particularly if it is still under warranty, but any jeweler who is certified for watch repair should be able to fix the problem.

It is important to keep the wrist band clean to prevent gunky build-up and black marks on the skin. Sweat, dead skin, oil, lotion and perfume all accumulate in the chinks of the band. Careful not to get the face wet, soak the band in water and mild detergent or rubbing alcohol. Let soak for a while to really loosen up the grime. Then, spread it on a soft cloth and scrub with a soft toothbrush. Rinse with clean water and dry. Leather bands, like on the women's Bulova watches in the Chamonix collection, can be cleaned by wiping or brushing them with a solution of white vinegar and water.

No matter which collection or the price, Bulova watches are guaranteed to perform.