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Aquamarine Jewelry

In March, Aquamarine ring gift boxes are opened as birthday girls marvel at the beautiful shades of blue nestled in a velvet jewelry box. Ah, the aquamarine is mystical and alive with color. But, it is more than just a birthstone.

What is an Aquamarine ?

This blue gemstone is actually a relative of the precious emerald as they are both members of the mineral family beryl. The shades of blue range from a very pale blue to deep sea blue. Some also carry hints of green which can be removed through a heat treatment, much like topaz is treated to bring out blue hues. However, it is quite acceptable to leave the green tint for those who appreciate this particular hue. Like other gemstones, aquamarine gets its color from particles mixed in with the beryllium. For aquamarine, iron is what gives this stone its blue color.

This stone is quite popular among jewelry designers as there is great versatility in the way an aquamarine is cut. The stone is so transparent, inclusions are easy to detect and the cutter can work with the natural inclusions to create a truly unique gem. Aquamarine also offers the unique property of Pleochroism, meaning it shows different colors when viewed from different angles. An unusual cut aquamarine and diamond ring is a captivating and magical especially in the deepest shade of blue.

Where Does Aquamarine Come From?

Brazil mines the best stones. Brazilian aquamarines are the most valuable because of their intense blue shades. Other mines are located in Africa and Asia- Tanzania, Zambia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Russia also has aquamarine mines. If you have an aquamarine bracelet , the stones likely came from Brazil.

In ancient times, Madagascar was an important source of the blue gemstone. But, with the discovery of other producing mines with more desirable shades of blue, the mines of Madagascar became insignificant.

Lore and legend of the Aquamarine

Like all gemstones, aquamarine has a history of mystical powers and lore attached to it. Some of the magical powers it was believed to possess are intuition and psychic abilities. It was also believed to cure insomnia, the hiccups and give the wearer everlasting youth. The powers of youth are probably attributed to the stone's close relation to water and the life-giving properties of the ocean.

If you wear an aquamarine and diamond ring for a wedding ring, it is said you will have a successful marriage. Lore says aquamarine brings joy to a marriage, especially to the bride. During medieval times, aquamarine was also believed to have the ability to rekindle lost marital love, making it a popular gift for the 16th and 19th wedding anniversary.

A storied tale of the birth of aquamarine has it spilling forth from the treasure chest of beautiful mermaids. This stone is closely associated with the ocean and water because of its sea blue hues. The name itself is Latin and means "sea water." As a result, it was believed to be a lucky talisman for sailors while they sailed the high seas. It was supposed to protect them from rough waters as well as stave off seasickness. Perhaps they wore an aquamarine amulet or maybe their loves sewed an aquamarine bracelet into their jackets for safekeeping.

Aquamarine: Birthstone for March

As of 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers declared the aquamarine the official birthstone for March. Aquamarine ring and bracelet sets are popular as a birthday gift. Whatever shade you prefer, the blue stones look beautiful in any setting- gold, silver, platinum and even antique settings.

Another special occasion befitting of an aquamarine and diamond ring is the 19th wedding anniversary. Of course, there is no need to wait for a special occasion. Aquamarine jewelry is quite affordable depending on the shade and size of the stone. The large deep ocean blue stones are the most valuable and therefore most expensive, but the other shades are just as lovely.

Caring for Aquamarine Jewelry

Though it is related to the emerald, the aquamarine is much more durable than its green cousin. It rates an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale so it is fairly strong and stands up well to everyday wear. To clean your aquamarine bracelet , simply soak it in warm water and gentle soap. Even though it is strong and not oil treated like the emerald, avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or steamers.

The aquamarine is a popular and fashionable gemstone because of its beauty as well as its unique style and affordability. An array of stones set in an aquamarine bracelet is elegant yet casual and can be paired with anything. For a dressier occasion, an aquamarine and diamond ring is a great accessory for evening wear. Aquamarine offers a shade and style for every personality.