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Add Sparkle with Gemstone and Diamond Rings

Thinking of something different? Want to add some sparkle to your favorite gemstone? Gemstone and diamond rings offer the best of both in one piece!

Gemstone and Diamond Rings: Birthstones

It is common knowledge that each month of the year is assigned its own gem as a symbol of the month called a birthstone. But why and how did this come to be? The very earliest concept of assigning colored gemstones to one's birth month happened around the 1st century when a correlation was made between the twelve stones of the tribes of Israel and the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Now, everyone who has a birthday also has a Zodiac symbol, but these months overlap with two zodiac per month. For instance, the month of January actually has two zodiac symbols - the beginning of the month is attributed to the Capricorn whereas the latter of the month is Aquarius. In order to pay homage to the birth month, the tradition of birthstones was born. The first introduction of the birthstone dates back to 18th century Poland and each stone was meant to lend certain magical properties to the wearer.

The modern assignments we know today were created in 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers. Over the years, alternates gems and minerals have been added, but the original 12 gemstones remain the same. Many recognize both their birthstone and their Zodiac gem.

Traditional Birthstone Chart
January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Pearl or Moonstone
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Sapphire
October Opal or Tourmaline
November Yellow Topaz or Topaz
December Tanzanite or Turquoise or Blue Topaz

Gemstone and Diamond Rings: What could make these gemstones even better?

Most people have a loyalty towards their birthstone, but love other gems as well. Sometimes the birthstone and the person just donít mix. A great way to wear the gem is to add diamonds to it. For instance, some August babies think that the peridot is too bright, but peridot and diamond rings are spectacular to celebrate color. Diamonds can brighten up anything!

Maybe her birthstone is the diamond and she wants a little color with her sparkle. Any color adds beautiful contrast to a brilliantly clear diamond.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings: Trends and Styles

As tradition falls by the wayside, more and more brides and grooms are going with colored gemstones in their wedding sets. In fact, even Princess Diana received a sapphire and diamond engagement ring. It is perfectly acceptable for a couple to wear sapphires and diamond instead of just gold and diamonds. Anymore, it is all about personal taste and being true to the personality of the couple.

Other trends include alternating stones in eternity bands, stacking rings, and even anniversary rings. In fact, it's a particularly good idea to pair diamonds and rubies in an anniversary band as the rich red gemstone is considered the official gemstone for the 15th, 40th, and even the 80th anniversaries. If her birthstone also happen to be the ruby, then it is doubly special. Gemstone and diamond rings come in more than just clusters and alternating bands. Jewelry designers are having fun with shapes and lines - crafting real conversation pieces out of these elegant stones. Amethyst diamond rings can form the shape of a violet or a lovely purple butterfly or even an abstract artisan piece. Just because these rings have precious gems in them doesnít mean they can be fun, cute or quirky. Fashion rings are a hot trend and gemstone and diamond rings are riding the wave.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings: Caring for these pieces

When mixing stones, care must be taken when cleaning them. The diamond is easy. It is the hardest ranking mineral on the planet with 10 on the Mohs scale so any of the normal jewelry cleaning methods like cleansers, ultrasonic cleaners or detergents can be used. However, when diamonds and colored gemstones are mixed - the weakest stone dictates the cleaning methods.

Using the emerald as an example - This gemstone has a propensity for internal cracks and flaws. It is unavoidable. Extreme heat such as with a steamer or even in the ultrasonic cleaner could cause further damage to the stone. Other stones, like the opal, are simply fragile and cannot take extreme temperature changes. The opal also soaks up water.

It is important to ask the jeweler about appropriate cleaning methods for different stones. Many treatments are commonplace in the jewelry industry, and while they increase the beauty and worth of the stone, they may make it more difficult to clean. Some have been heat-treated, like blue topaz and amethyst, to bring out the best color; others - like emeralds and turquoise - may be treated with oils or other substances to enhance the appearance. When cleaning, make sure not to use heat on heat treated items or disrupt the oil.

Classic or contemporary, gemstone and diamond rings are hot. People are looking to add a little color to their lives without sacrificing the classic look of a diamond ring. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearlsÖ you name it, it looks great with diamonds.

Gemstone and Diamond Rings: Men's Rings

Men like gemstone and diamonds too.

Men's styles change as constantly as they do for women and deserve just as much attention. Onyx, an opaque black gemstone, is a very popular stone in menís rings. It is generally used as a central stone and a diamond accent is often found on either side. The deep blackness of the stone paired with architectural styling exudes a masculine strength. Dressed up or down, onyx is a staple for any well dressed man.

In addition to onyx, men wear other gems too including precious gemstones like sapphires and rubies. And, like ladies' styles, colored gemstones are quickly making their way into anniversary and wedding bands. Add a diamond or two to a ruby pinky ring and heís got the flash he was looking for!

This style is bucking the trend of traditional rings. Birthstone rings donít have to be all one gem and neither do anniversary rings. But, what might be the biggest change is that wedding bands are combining color with diamonds. Adding diamonds to color gives the ring more sparkle and adds texture and character to the piece and to the person wearing it. Whether the diamond is the centerpiece, the gemstone is or they are equals, gemstone and diamond rings are brilliant.