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Accessorize with Mens Rings

Rings have been worn by men and women for thousands of years. Men's gold rings with jewels or insignias were popular among noblemen, royalty and members of societies such as the Masons. An insignia ring would be used as a seal for important correspondence.

Men's Rings were also an indicator of being part of a particular clan or family. Over the years, menís rings have evolved and now there is a vast selection of styles with meaning simply or fashion.

Men's Rings Customs and Trends

In more contemporary times - the 20th and 21st centuries - men mostly limited themselves to wearing a simple gold wedding band and maybe a class or lodge ring. Actually, even the tradition of men wearing a wedding ring is quite new.

Women used to be the only ones given a ring during the ceremony. Then, in the years between the 20s and 40s, brides began placing a band on their groomsí finger as well. This trend took off and now, most if not all ceremonies are called double ring ceremonies.

Another trend is that men enjoy a little sparkle too. Men's diamond rings are quite popular in a variety of styles. Wedding bands may have a solitaire stone or smaller stones that may be channel set into the band. Another trend in men's gemstone rings is that women are now taking the lead and proposing to their guys.

As a result, engagement rings are available for men with or without diamonds and gemstones. Before engagement, women are also giving men promise rings. These are usually simple and inexpensive men's silver rings because they are usually given by younger women and teens.

Of course, some guys simply enjoy wearing fashion pieces. Men's gold rings are particularly popular and often worn as pinky rings. Bigger pieces with stones and designs are worn on the ring finger.

Men's rings: Choosing the right piece

Before buying a ring for a man, it is important to understand what he likes and whether or not he is a ring kind of guy. Some men may like to keep it simple with simple men's silver rings while others may like a little bling. There are many styles that use bold stones like onyx and cabochon cut gems like star rubies or catís eye. So pay attention to his style and personality before making a purchase.

Another consideration is the size of the piece. Check out his hands. Are his hands slender with long fingers or are they thick with short fingers? A wide chunky men's gemstone ring would not look right on slender fingers, but a simple band with some inset stones would look perfect. A chunkier style looks best on the thicker hands.

Finally, consider his lifestyle. If he works with his hands a lot, a piece with intricate designs and gemstones are at risk of being damaged and can even be dangerous to him if the ring gets caught on something. Something simple for everyday wear is best for this kind of guy.

Of course, thereís no reason why he canít have a special occasion piece just like women do! Fatherís Day, Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary- all are great occasions to give to a special piece such as a men's gemstone ring.

Men's rings: Different choices in metals

Another thing to consider is the type of metal for menís rings. There is a wider choice of metals for them than in womení because of the more rugged activities of guys. They often need more durable pieces and they also want something masculine looking.

Men's silver rings are fashionable and elegant with some durability. Sterling silver is one option, but there are other metals that have a similar look but are even more durable. Titanium and tungsten are gaining in popularity especially for men who work hard with their hands. They have a silvery grayish hue that is very masculine.

For a softer look or for men who arenít involved in manual labor, men's white gold rings offer a different look to the brighter yellow gold color. Platinum is another metal that is quite popular for menís and womenís jewelry.

Men also like a different finish on their rings. Not everyone likes to wear jewelry that is polished to a high sheen. A laser matte finish looks fabulous on the silver-toned pieces as well as gold. Two tone styles are also popular in men's rings.

Men have always worn jewelry. Over the years, the significance and styles have evolved. Where men's rings used to be worn for purposes such as identification or as a sign of brotherhood, today they are worn to signify that a man is married or simply as a way to express his personality.

Whatever the reason, the trend has evolved and jewelry designers have worked hard to create pieces that appeal to all men. Understated or bold, men's rings offer guys a way to express themselves in a way that used to be limited to womenís jewelry.